He Got By

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Would you rather see Bob Dylan by yourself or with others?

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James Brown at TAMI

I just heard an old interview with JB on the radio (coinciding with the release of the new bio-pic), and I indulged in rewatching one of the great performances of all time, his appearance on TAMI (Teen Age Music International) in 1964. This is the famous time when he was irritated that The Stones were the closing act. His punishment to the white boy-band and arrangers of the concert was to outshine them and everyone else in every possible way. Among other things, he invents the moonwalk and his famous cape routine.

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Let’s Get Out of Here

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Many Rivers to Cross

When you need help crossing a river . . . .

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The Queen

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In Memoriam Horace Silver

I feel that I should post something for Horace Silver’s death. I saw him live when I was a college student, and his playing opened me up in a way that I’d rarely, if ever, been opened by live music. I felt like I was entering into some world where humanity was fully alive and valued, a world where suffering is present but glorified, a world of idiosyncracy and freedom and panache. Maybe you can get a bit of that feeling in one of his best songs: check out his solo just past the four minute mark.

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