Louis and Johnny

Louis sounds like Yoda should sound like. – Billy

I remember when I first heard Louis Armstrong as a teenager. I checked out one of his records from the Iowa City Library, and it felt like someone was finally singing and playing the way I imagined music should sound. I remember the album was called “Live at Winter Garden, New York and Blue Note.” After the heartbreaking song “Someday,” Louis just starts laughing. That’s pure music. So sad, but it makes you feel like it’s all really joyful. Here’s some of that feeling, in “black and white.” – Dad

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5 Responses to Louis and Johnny

  1. Mary says:

    OMG! I know this might not be a nice thing to say but I think Louie Armstrong looks really funny when he smiles. Not funny like odd, but funny like hysterical, the kind that makes you fall over laughing, as if it were a super funny joke. Or one that’s not so funny, but it’s so unfunny that it makes you laugh anyway because of it’s stupidness. I am SO not saying that Louie looks stupid, though. I am just saying he looks funny.

  2. Mary says:

    You know, I kind of, but not completely take my last comment back. Louis looks like a joke. Like a joke that is funny. A joke you laugh and laugh and laugh about, until you suddenly see that it actually makes sense. Like a man walks into a bar and says ouch. I mean it’s so stupid! I mean unless some drunk guy shoots him or something. But wait, who wouldn’t say ouch if they walked into a bar?

  3. Mary says:

    Oh don’t listen to me. I am nut’s!

  4. wsprouse says:

    Johnny Cash is one of the few performers who could actually not look like a ridiculous tool performing and hosting in a TV format. In fact, the DVD collection of his short-lived TV show is pretty entertaining, especially the episodes with Bob Dylan, also part of the Johnny Cash shrine at the country music museum in Nashville.

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