MJ for Ella

Dad has never been into Michael Jackson, sorry to say. He remembers as a kid, Thriller-era, when a fellow student found out that he didn’t like MJ she started shouting, “Scott doesn’t like Michael Jackson!” and he was shunned. He’s grown to like him better and is fond of the Jackson 5. But he is very, very fond of the euphoniously-named, MJ-inspired Ella, who has requested a certain video for Halloween.

Here’s a bonus video with a very handsome werewolf.

“I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s . . . and his hair was perfect.” Paul Muldoon has said, correctly, that Warren Zevon’s songs are better than most contemporary poetry.

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3 Responses to MJ for Ella

  1. Emiliano Battista says:

    Thanks for putting the MJ video on your blog–it’s frighteningly awesome. I hope when you guys go out trick-or-treating that you bust out some of the dance moves! Happy Halloween, Ella

  2. You’re sure welcome, Ella. We’re all doing the Monster Mash right now!

  3. Rick Zollo says:

    My favorite MJ tune was a love song to a rat, “Ben.” Michael was so cute when he cut that record; what happened to him? I want the pre-Thriller Michael to return. The post-Thriller Michael scares me! No-o-o! People shouldn’t disfigure themselves because they’re spotty. Rick Z.

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