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Covering the Beatles

Billy and Dad made a playlist of Beatles covers called “Beatles Beyond.” Billy’s two favorites on the playlist are “Yesterday” by Ray Charles and “Hey Jude” by Wilson Pickett. Dad’s favorites, on the other hand, are “Yesterday” by Ray Charles … Continue reading

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Pablo Casals

I took a class in grad school called “Music and the Emotions,” where we debated any number of bizarre topics (like, does music evoke emotions – as most people generally believe – or does music evoke the form of emotions; … Continue reading

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Keith Richard’s Top 10

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, various musicians post their favorite tracks of a band or style. For instance, Patti Smith lists her favorite Dylan love songs and Robbie Robertson lists his favorite New Orleans tunes. The best list … Continue reading

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Christmas Tunes

Our dear friend Chris asked us for a Christmas playlist, what with the holidays coming up. We just posted one on iTunes; it’s called “Chris’s Christmas.” If you do want to check it out or buy songs on it, go … Continue reading

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John Lennon’s Report Card

Dad was at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recently – it was terrible. There was none of the spirit of the music. But there were a few cool things there, like John Lennon’s report card from the summer … Continue reading

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Make Your Own White Album

George Martin has said that the White Album should have been much shorter. Paul McCartney thinks it’s just fine. We agree with George Martin! So we want you to make your own White Album. Think of the White Album on … Continue reading

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In Praise of Ella

My friend Emiliano was irked that I didn’t include any Ella Fitzgerald albums in my top 25 for a jazz newcomer. Probably an oversight on my part! I probably should have put on Ella doing the Duke Ellington songbook. I … Continue reading

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Old Fashioned

Billy and Dad like old fashioned things. It’s cool to like the old fashioned ways. It’s always been cool to like the old fashioned ways.

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The Nature of Jazz

There are four things that stand out to me in characterizing jazz as a unique musical form. 1. Jazz is deeply connected to time, a kind of “holiness of the moment.” In plain terms, jazz is a performance. Mozart’s “Jupiter” … Continue reading

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When it comes to taste you ought to have at least the following four categories (illustrated with examples from my own taste): (1) Music you love that is also undoubtedly good (e.g., Beethoven’s Piano Sonata No. 32 in C Minor, … Continue reading

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