Bridge Over Troubled Water

Billy and Dad have been trying to figure out what the best version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is. The song can be a raw expression of friendship, as in Johnny Cash’s version, or a schmaltzy version of love, as in Art Garfunkel’s. Billy ranks them: Paul Simon, Johnny Cash, Aretha, Elvis, and Art Garfunkel. Dad ranks them: Johnny Cash, Aretha, Paul Simon, Elvis, and Art. What do you think?

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2 Responses to Bridge Over Troubled Water

  1. Rick Zollo says:

    It’s gotta be Aretha. She’s the only one of the bunch who can sing with emotion. And, she recorded that song before she started copying Mariah and Celine and sang with too much emotion. Keep it real, ‘Reeth, keep it real! Rick Z.

  2. Uncle Newtie says:

    I think you’re being a bit tough on the King.

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