Beatles Covers

I like Larry Williams. I love Smokey Robinson – he’s one of my favorite soul artists. And Chuck Berry is the start of rock and roll – or is it Elvis Presley? Anyway, the Beatles did covers of the people I just told you about. I’m really in to this dude Larry Williams that my friend Rick Zollo be about. He did a really cool song called “Slow Down” and also “Dizzy Miss Lizzy.” Is it possible the Beatles’ versions are better? – Billy

No way can the Beatles beat Smokey!

What about Chuck Berry vs. the Fab Four?

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2 Responses to Beatles Covers

  1. Uncle Newtie says:

    A different kind of cover: we just had our chimney sweep come by. He named his company “Abbey Road” in 1978, still in business. I asked him why this name, and with Vermont directness he replied: “It’s a good English name for a good English profession, and the name of the best album by the best band ever.”

  2. I guess I’d name my chimney sweep business “Revolver” – which actually might prove to be a technological breakthrough in chimney sweeping.

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