Songs We’re Diggin’

We’re going to post some songs we’re diggin’ once in a while – why not? Dad is listening to an Ann Peebles record with that weird great cut “I Can’t Stand the Rain”:

Billy is listening to more Larry Williams and the Big Star album that his “uncle” Jared gave him. Of course he likes “Thirteen” but his favorite right now is “Ballad of El Goodo”:

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4 Responses to Songs We’re Diggin’

  1. Uncle Newtie says:

    We have been listening to the recent “Leave Your Sleep” double CD, childrens’ poems Natalie Merchant has put to music. Jim Spake plays a sax solo on the “Griselda” track. Ruth chortles every time she hears the Ogden Nash lyrics about self-reliant, adventurous Isabel, who “Showed no rage, showed no rancor, turned the witch into milk and drank her.”

  2. Uncle Newtie says:

    p.s. we saw a Big Star reunion concert last May in the park near our house; that’s my favorite song, too, with the entire crowd joining in.

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