John Lennon’s Report Card

Dad was at the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame recently – it was terrible. There was none of the spirit of the music. But there were a few cool things there, like John Lennon’s report card from the summer of 1953, which included the following:

French: childish and a chatterbox – he must discipline himself
Math: I feel sure that this is not his best
Latin: Very good work!
Master’s Report: When he can learn to control himself he will make some progress

Reading something like that, Dad thinks about a poem by W. Szymborska, which is about looking at a picture of Hitler as a baby and wondering what he will be when he grows up. This is what educational types call “assessment.”

By the way, did anyone else have a problem hearing parts of the Lennonyc documentary last night?

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One Response to John Lennon’s Report Card

  1. Bill says:

    Thanks for this post. I always loved how John wore his celebrity, warts and all.

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