Keith Richard’s Top 10

In the new issue of Rolling Stone, various musicians post their favorite tracks of a band or style. For instance, Patti Smith lists her favorite Dylan love songs and Robbie Robertson lists his favorite New Orleans tunes. The best list is Keith Richard’s; he just gives us some songs he really likes. The really beautiful thing about it is that he called my attention to a video of Big Bill Broonzy singing “When Did You Leave Heaven.” For a long time I’ve known and loved the version by Little Jimmy Scott. But this version immediately lodged itself in my mind, as if it were a song I’d played over and over during the rise and decline and fall of a great love. Here’s the list and the video.

1. “Stagolee” by Jesse Fuller
2. “When Did You Leave Heaven” by Big Bill Broonzy

3. “It Hurts Me Too” by Elmore James
4. “Blues Hangover” by Slim Harpo
5. “Key to the Highway” by Little Walter
6. “Piece of my Heart” by Erma Franklin (Aretha’s sister)
7. “In a Dis Ya Time” by The Itals
8. “Innocent People Cry” by Gregory Isaacs
9. “Memphis, Tennessee” by Chuck Berry

10. “32-20” by Robert Johnson

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