Glenn Gould and Keith Moon

In his article in The New Yorker James Wood makes the completely crazy, lovable, probably somehow true comparison of Keith Moon to Glenn Gould: “I often think of Moon and Glenn Gould together, notwithstanding their great differences. Both started performing very young . . .; both were idiosyncratic, revolutionary performers, for whom spontaneity was an important element . . . ; both had exuberant, pantomimic fantasy lives . . . ; both were gregarious yet essentially solitary; neither man practiced much . . . ; and all their performance tics . . . have the slightly desperate quality of mania. The performance behind the instrument, however, has the joyous freedom of true escape and self-dissolution: Gould becomes the piano, Moon becomes the drums.” This is kind of like comparing Dr. Jekyl to Mr. Hyde – so exactly wrong it’s totally right.

Billy and Dad love it because Billy loves Keith Moon and Dad loves Glenn Gould.

At preschool Mom had quoted a line that she and Billy heard a musicologist say, “Whenever I hear The Who, I remember that freedom is possible,” which a preschooler quoted back to her a few days later as: “Freeness is always the truth.”

Freeness is always the truth:

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4 Responses to Glenn Gould and Keith Moon

  1. Uncle Newtie says:

    Three memories gratefully overlapping here:

    * being introduced to “The Who” by my cooler older cousin Mike around 1980

    * being introduced to Glenn Gould by Scott #1 at Grinnell around 1994

    * being introduced to Richard Goode, who played this Sarabande for his encore at Oberlin around 2001

  2. Chris says:

    And I’m a big fan of James Wood.

    It’s funny, just a couple of nights ago I watched “Thirty-two Short Films about Glenn Gould” streaming on Netflix. It wasn’t available until just recently. Here’s one that I liked in particular.

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