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Washed in the Blood

Our friend Warren has rightfully suggested a post on Charlie Louvin, one of the truly great country singers, who just died of pancreatic cancer. Emmylou Harris once said of his voice that it sounded “scary and washed in the blood.” … Continue reading

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Ornette Coleman and Jacques Derrida

I just came across this bizarre little document: Jacques Derrida interviewing Ornette Coleman. The whole thing is interesting, and it does occur to one that there’s a similarity between the two of them, a kind of unique post-war weirdness, as … Continue reading

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Even the 60s couldn’t take away his panache.

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Billy’s Book Report On Louis Armstrong

Book Title: Louis Armstrong Author: Mrs. Pinkenson Event One: Louis’s First Trumpet Louis was born in August 4, 1901. The important people in his life were Mayann and his sister Beatrice and some Jewish family called the Karnofskys. Then he … Continue reading

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The Muppets Do the Beatles!

“With a Little Help from my Friends” at a human sacrifice: There’s something in common about Gonzo and Ringo: And there’s something similar about Floyd and George: The Muppets seem to be Paul people. They should have done “I’m Only … Continue reading

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Lute Without a License

If you want to jump to the performance, go to 2:00 in. And since it’s been a long, long week:

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Playing the Theater

Buddy Rich, the only animal who can outdrum Animal:

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Check Out the Cheeks!

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Eat Your Heart Out, KiKi!

Don’t go breaking my heart, Miss Piggy.

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Muppets Bonus

Bonus post! Only the Muppets would have come up with setting the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive” in the twilight of the French aristocracy. The video quality isn’t great but there’s a guillotine in the background. Also, here’s “Why Can’t We … Continue reading

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