Has Cee-Lo Been Reading Our Blog?

After seeing Cee-Lo on the Grammy’s last night, we’re wondering if he didn’t read our Muppets Week feature, because he was decked out like Elton John (with a touch of Paul Simon in turkey outfit on SNL) last night, belting out “F- You” with some muppets.


(Perhaps the internet police have taken that down already.) Here is the original outfit.

Also, Mick Jagger seems to be reading our blog, since he too decided to do a tribute to Solomon Burke. Of course, he’s been doing that number for a while.

Check this out – some good interviews with the Stones on the Reverend Burke – “600 pounds of joy”.

Obviously, much of the Grammy’s is bland – always has been. But Mumford and Sons sounded pretty good with a song about Plato.

And Bob Dylan with Mumford and Sons and the Avett Brothers seemed to grasp the moment with a weird but charming version of “Maggie’s Farm,” where it was hard not to read “Maggie’s Pa” as Mubarak.

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