“What was it took hold of a musicianer that way, took a real man and just emptied him out of himself leaving a thing you wouldn’t want to look at? . . . It’s what has to be answered: why so many of these men who were really great and who really played–when they went, they just went crazy . . . . It’s something like a poverty, only it’s a poverty inside himself; there’s nothing he’s got any more; there’s nothing and there’s no one, and he’s forgotten. . . whatever the answer is, whatever it is that tears a man to pieces–that thing is inside the man himself.” – Sidney Bechet, Treat It Gentle

I’m going to miss Amy Winehouse. We loved the same music: Duke Ellington, Dinah Washington, Ray Charles, the Ronettes. She genuinely had the soul of their music pulsing through her–no small thing.

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