I’d Rather Not Go Deaf

I just read that Etta James has a new record out. It’s called The Dreamer, and it seems to have some interesting covers, like “Welcome to the Jungle” and Otis Redding’s perfect “Cigarettes and Coffee.”

Thinking of Etta, I immediately thought of the sublime “I’d Rather Go Blind,” so I looked for a good performance and hit the jackpot. Here she is with Dr. John. Stick with it, because after a couple good minutes it becomes really great – touching, sad, sweet, one of the most tenderly intimate duets I can think of.

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2 Responses to I’d Rather Not Go Deaf

  1. Bill says:


    Thanks, man. Etta and Otis, and to a slightly lesser extent, Dr. John, have been in heavy rotation in my house for a long time. When Etta is on (and she is definitely ON here) she is the real queen of soul. And Otis? Well, for my money, he’s the king of the whole thing. It’s funny, but I first heard of Otis through Delbert McClinton–Lipstick Traces on a Cigarette, and Dreams to Remember. Who wrote this stuff? Bought the records and, oh man, that was eehhhiiittt! I think I’m in for a long night of music. Thanks.

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