The Ideogrammic Method

In The ABC of Reading, Ezra Pound claims that conceptual thinking is rooted in the perception and collection of images: the concept of red is first expressed, he believes, by putting together pictures of a rose, a cherry, iron rust, and a flamingo. He calls this the “ideogrammic method.” On a related note, I believe that the Chinese character for strife is two women under one roof.

I’ve been trying to think about different kinds of culture. I don’t mean cultures from different times or geographies per se – which could all be the same basic kind of culture. I have some stuff to say about what I’m thinking of, but I thought I’d try out an experiment here: a musical ideogram of what I’m getting at. The idea is to form the whole concept of culture, as well as the distinctions among kinds of culture, sheerly by listening to these four performances. I could be off in left field, but here goes.

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