Food, Music, and a Glass of Wine (and Movies Thereabout)

An often overlooked aspect of experiencing music in the age of recording involves the preparation of food. Myself, I listen to much – if not most – of my music while preparing supper. On a good day, like today when I have the day off, I’m apt to devote three or four hours to chopping garlic while the iPod purrs. Under the easily-achieved right conditions, I enter into an ideal zone of absorbing music. While sometimes it’s best just to sit and give yourself over to the stereo, it’s likely that without anything but the music your mind will drift away from the musical stream. This kind of reverie can be pleasant. But I find that if my hands have something to do, my mind can cozy up more easily with the music and the music alone. A glass of wine is also a useful tool in this regard.

Just try to watch this video without your mouth watering.

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