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Willie Nelson’s Jazz

Willie is one of those rare guitarists who listens to the birds and puts a saucer of water out for his guitar when he’s not playing it.

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A Pop Tune and a Memory

“What is the Ninth Symphony compared to a pop tune played by a hurdy-gurdy and a memory!” – Karl Kraus

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Questions about John Lennon

Billy and Dad’s dear friend Mary has written us with a few questions for a report she’s doing on John Lennon. Here are her questions with our answers. After you went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, you … Continue reading

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The Passionate Ten

“The musical canon is not decided by majority opinion but by enthusiasm and passion, and a work that ten people love passionately is more important than one that ten thousand do not mind hearing.” Charles Rosen, Critical Entertainments: Music Old … Continue reading

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Sweet Home Chicago

There seem to be a politician and a rock star with B.B. King. “Sweet Home Chicago” is sounding especially sweet because I’m looking forward to a getaway to Chicago in a few weeks. Thinking about it makes me feel like … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day

A friend of mine became a father last night. When he spoke, in his voice I could hear the light Of the sky and the river and the timber wolf in the pines And that great juke box out on … Continue reading

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Obama’s Playlist

President Obama has just released his “playlist” – whatever that means. I suppose it contains the songs he wants to project. Probably some he really likes, some he thinks are songs that embody his message, some he hopes might be … Continue reading

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