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Ads by Great Directors

If you’re interested, this is my latest piece for Little Village: it’s about the ads of well-known directors. I wanted them to provide links in the web version. Since they didn’t, here are some of the ads I discuss. The … Continue reading

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Advice from Thelonious Monk

As usual, advice from a real musicianer – to use Sidney Bechet’s phrase – about how to play music ends up sounding a lot like advice about how to live well. Here is Thelonious Monk’s commandments for good living and … Continue reading

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Martin Luther King on Jazz

I can’t believe I didn’t know about this until a couple weeks ago: Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Preface to the 1964 Berlin Jazz Festival. It’s a succinct, eloquent expression of exactly what I believe. I’m particularly touched by this: … Continue reading

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The Winner Takes It All

The problem they discuss at the beginning of the clip makes me think more of this.

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Geoff Dyer on Chet Baker

I’m just finishing Geoff Dyer’s But Beautiful: A Book about Jazz. My critical comment: it’s a bit too romantic, in the sense that it paints a picture of mostly off-kilter jazz musicians in a brutal world. That aside, it’s a … Continue reading

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The Bravest Man in the Universe

I would highly recommend that you click on this link right now and download (for free) Bobby Womack’s newest song, “Please Forgive My Heart.” Billy and Dad have been absolutely loving it. Bobby, for those who don’t remember, has been … Continue reading

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