The Messiah Will Come Again

It’s pretty rare to hear a rock guitarist who can really tell a story. Roy Buchanan, the man who taught Robbie Robertson to play, is an exception. For some reason I’ve been listening to an old record of his.

I love that full-out Telecaster sound. (I’m hoping that my cousin Eric digs the “greatest unknown guitarist” – he probably already knows him!)

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2 Responses to The Messiah Will Come Again

  1. Cousin Eric says:

    Yes…I have been listening to Roy Buchanan since college. Very few guitarists can “do” Hendrix and Roy is one of them. He is a tormented sole which is manifest in his guitar playing. Listening to him seems to require a late evening, bourbon, and a melancholy mood.

  2. Cousin Eric says:

    I mean ‘soul’ of course. I have no direct knowledge of the undersurface of his feet. 🙂

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