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The Gettysburg Address

Sorry, this is one day late . . . Do you know the strange little Western called Ruggles of Red Gap? Directed by Leo McCarey, it’s about an English lord who gambles away his butler to some nouveau riche Americans … Continue reading

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Play On

There’s a belief common to our times that music is a frill. Certain cognitive scientists – based on what I regard as a misapplication of the idea of evolution – believe that music is “auditory cheesecake.” We’re not specifically evolved … Continue reading

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O Brothers

Exciting to see that the new Coen brothers movie is going to involve music. Word is that it’s based on the life of Dave Van Ronk, “the Mayor of MacDougal Street.” I like that tune “Farewell” that’s playing in the … Continue reading

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Because I love this scene,

and I’m charmed by the song, and it’s eloquent of love.

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In Memory of Chris Marker, Ctd.

This is the piece I recently wrote to commemorate the great film-essayist Chris Marker. My main point: One of Marker’s gifts is his ability to film the products of culture—from ceramic cat statues to video games to African masks—as if … Continue reading

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In Memory of Chris Marker

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Ads by Great Directors

If you’re interested, this is my latest piece for Little Village: it’s about the ads of well-known directors. I wanted them to provide links in the web version. Since they didn’t, here are some of the ads I discuss. The … Continue reading

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The Winner Takes It All

The problem they discuss at the beginning of the clip makes me think more of this.

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Finally Getting in the Holiday Spirit . . .

Have yourself a merry little Christmas! Or, as Stephen Bloom would counsel me to say, “Happy holidays.”

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I Love America . . .

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