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The Water Is Wide

Here’s Billy playing “The Water Is Wide.” Advertisements

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3 degrees of separation

Hello, this is Billy again – finally! Something awesome happened last night!!!!!!! My mom met John lennon’s niece:) My mom was out seeing a blues show, and she talked to his niece for awhile, who had lots of fun with … Continue reading

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The Jazz of James, Part VI: The Solid Meaning of Life

Previous entries of The Jazz of James: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V. Step 6: Live by an examined ideal. What’s the upshot of these realizations about the meanings of your life and the lives of … Continue reading

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A Pop Tune and a Memory

“What is the Ninth Symphony compared to a pop tune played by a hurdy-gurdy and a memory!” – Karl Kraus

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Obama’s Playlist

President Obama has just released his “playlist” – whatever that means. I suppose it contains the songs he wants to project. Probably some he really likes, some he thinks are songs that embody his message, some he hopes might be … Continue reading

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In Memory of Wislawa Szymborska

Some books I love so much I want to buy them again. So, at Goodwill one day I picked up a copy of Wislawa Szymborska’s View with a Grain of Sand; and because of what I found inside, its home … Continue reading

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I Sing Because I’m Happy, I Sing Because I’m Free

MLK Day usually finds me in a slightly sour mood by nightfall. Usually, as today, I’ve had to endure a fair amount of diversity talk. Now, I’m all for pluralism – for me a less fraught word than diversity, because … Continue reading

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