The Water Is Wide

Here’s Billy playing “The Water Is Wide.”

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I’m Strong

Here’s another Joan Armatrading song. I love it when a singer can take a simple phrase and infuse it with meaning. “I’m strong . . .” She sure is.

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Your Brain on Johnny Cash

Check out this article about a man with OCD who had electrodes implanted in his brain for therapy. The therapy was helpful, but the side effect was that he began to be obsessed with the music of Johnny Cash. When the therapy diminished, the JC effect wore off. When it was reapplied, it kicked back in. Oliver Sacks tells a related tale of how a man who was struck by lightning became obsessed with music.

“Sunday Morning Coming Down” is a great song. That electricity was already flowing through my loopy cords.

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Barbara Lynn

Man, is she good.

So good we need another!

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It’s always a pleasure to develop a fascination with a new composer – in this case, the Catalan composer Federico Mompou.

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Happy Birthday, Lightnin’

My favorite Lightnin’ Hopkins number:

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Something Else

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