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Red Hair and Black Leather: My Favorite Color Scheme

For some reason I had an itch to learn to play “Vincent Black Lightning” on my guitar. I figured I’d cheat and try to copy someone on YouTube who knew how to play it. I did stumble on this guy … Continue reading

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Jammin’ the Blues

This is a piece of real beauty. Lester Young’s playing would be enough, but there’s so much more, including Sid Catlett, Illinois Jacquet, and some perfect dancing.

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JC Project

Our friend Chris recommended “The Johnny Cash Project” to us. It’s worth poking around, looking at the images. Moreover, the song is one of those late recordings of JC’s that’s right on the money.

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Happy Valentine’s Day

Good comments on this one – “this song is why I’m now pregnant” and “I could have sworn I was wearing pants when I pressed play”. No great video for this, but one of my favorite all-out vocals – if … Continue reading

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Has Cee-Lo Been Reading Our Blog?

After seeing Cee-Lo on the Grammy’s last night, we’re wondering if he didn’t read our Muppets Week feature, because he was decked out like Elton John (with a touch of Paul Simon in turkey outfit on SNL) last night, belting … Continue reading

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What Jazz Is

This is totally charming and hilarious.

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Songs We’re Into

Currently Billy and Dad are both into: “People Get Ready” by The Impressions “Way Back Home” by Junior Walker and the All-Stars (Bonus footage of JW and the A-Ss) “Baby, I Need Your Lovin’” by The Four Tops Also, “Mumble … Continue reading

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I myself have absolutely zero feeling for The Black Eyed Peas. Unbelievably enough, they sing in some kind of robot voice for many of their songs. Superbowl half-time shows tend to be lame. As good as The Who or The … Continue reading

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Pee Wee

I have a friend who in a fit of drunken ecstasy, as Blue Train was blasting on the stereo, declared that he was the reincarnated soul of John Coltrane. Obviously, he regrets that hubris now. But I forgive him, because … Continue reading

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Snowed In

As the beautiful “frolic architecture” of the heavy snowfall builds up outside, I thought a little song about the snow would be nice. One of the great things about American music, particularly in its heyday, was how it could make … Continue reading

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