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MJ for Ella

Dad has never been into Michael Jackson, sorry to say. He remembers as a kid, Thriller-era, when a fellow student found out that he didn’t like MJ she started shouting, “Scott doesn’t like Michael Jackson!” and he was shunned. He’s … Continue reading

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Best Movie Music

One thing that realism hasn’t been able to eliminate from the movies is music. The sound of stringed instruments still accompanies a pensive walk down the beach, even when there isn’t a stereo or violinist in sight. There’s been so … Continue reading

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the real piano man

My favorite Billy Joel song is piano man. He actually plays good piano on this song. Not that I’m saying that he is bad at playing piano. Enjoy-Billy

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Star Spangled Banner?!

National anthems are almost always bad. The only likable one that I know of (though my knowledge is limited) is La Marseillaise, the French national anthem. Since last night was the first night of the World Series, where John Legend … Continue reading

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Last Good Rolling Stones Song?

What’s the last good Rolling Stones tune? Billy and Dad nominate “Waiting on a Friend.” Plus, there’s a great solo by the last great true jazz man Sonny Rollins, who ably refigures his style for soul/rock. Does anybody have a … Continue reading

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beast of burden

Best of burden is one of my favorite Rolling Stones songs.I like that the song is classie.Enjoy.-Billy

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The Tones Nina Gives Off

Trying to express in suitable English an idea in Confucius about the value of poetry, Ezra Pound lights on “the tones the heart gives off.” This is a tone the heart gives off.

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Louis and Johnny

Louis sounds like Yoda should sound like. – Billy I remember when I first heard Louis Armstrong as a teenager. I checked out one of his records from the Iowa City Library, and it felt like someone was finally singing … Continue reading

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beach boys

The Beach Boys one of my favorite bands. I love Brian Wilson singing. Also I like the song.-Billy     

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Playing the French Horn Without a French Horn

After our John and Paul test, take a look at Paul playing the french horn without a french horn. Charming.

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